Swimming Pool Sessions


Pool Sessions are organised for this Autumn/Winter

The pool sessions will once again be at Bosworth Academy in Desford  on Monday evenings with 2 x 45 minute  sessions, 8:00-8:45 and 8:45 to 9:30

Book sessions here: Course Booking


Summer 2017 Dates

May 15th – 8 till 9pm

June 19th – 8 till 9pm

July 3rd – 8 till 9pm

August 21st – 8 till 9pm

September 25th – 8 till 9pm


Winter 2017 Dates

November 6th – 8 till 9.30pm

November 20th – 8 till 9.30pm

November 27th – 8 till 9.30pm

December 4th – 8 till 9.30pm


Winter 2018 Dates

January 15th – 8 till 9.30pm

January 22nd – 8 till 9.30pm

January 29th – 8 till 9.30pm

February 12th – 8 till 9.30pm

February 19th – 8 till 9.30pm

February 26th – 8 till 9.30pm




The pool is 25m x 10m so there is plenty of water for many people.  The deep end will be available for people wanting to practice playboating or unsupervised paddling / support strokes.  There will be at least one coach and helpers  in the pool to help teach and offer guidance on rolling and support strokes.

If you want to attend but don’t have a kayak or a way of transporting a kayak please let a committee member know and we’ll see if we can arrange something for you.

These are members-only sessions: this year we are offering prebooking to  guarantee  a place for those weeks, but the remaining places will be available for those wanting to turn up and paddle until the pool is full. The cost will be £5 per session. 

When bringing your own boat:

  • Thoroughly clean & disinfect your boat before arriving at the pool.
  • It is recommended to remove air bags
  • Blue shoe covers must be used while at the pool

Click here to download our Swimming Pool Practice Guide.

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